4 Simple Tips to Buy a Used Smartphone

The latest models of smartphone brands will charge you from $400 and up to $900 which seem to be too much for a phone. Moreover, no more than in a year the happiness from the latest model will disappear because the new one will be released. So why pay more if you can get almost the latest smartphone and save much money! If you also believe that paying $900 for a smartphone is ridiculous, then read these five simple tips that will help you buy a used phone in a great condition.

Buy a Used Smartphone

1. If you can, buy from someone you know

Let’s imagine that you would like to get one of the latest Samsung smartphones and you know a friend who is selling one. According to the specialists this is your best match. First of all, friends and family will not try to make a profit from this sell so you can expect a fair price. Secondly, only people whom you trust will tell you about all the bags and lags of the smartphone and will not sell you a pig in a poke. Finally, if you have techno savvy friends that you can expect their phones to be in even better condition that the new ones.

2. Retailers and private parties

If you cannot find anyone you know selling a phone of your dreams, professionals advise to visit carriers’ stores and check there offers. As a rule, in this case you will not be able to bargain a lot and will have to accept the price you see. But the great advantage of retailers is that they very often offer some warranty for the devices they sell and they also have pretty good return policies.

Businesses tend to be more expensive that private parties like Craigslist or Kijiji, but here everything will go fast.

If you have some time to spend over buying a used smartphone then with the third parties you will definitely be able to find the best composition of price and quality.

3. Blacklist

It is vital to make sure that the phone you are purchasing is not stolen. In any of the three possibilities listed above experts advise to double check information yourself. For example, you can visit Kijiji to look for cheap iPhones, then when the right match is found you need to contact the seller and ask for the IMEI (for GSM) or MEID (for CDMA) number to run a check in the database of the stolen phones and ensure that yours in not one of them.

4. Check operational capabilities of the device

And the final part is to ensure that the phone works correctly. Turn it on and off, check the battery for any rust stains to ensure that no water damage was present. Make several calls to check SIM card condition and also microphone. At the same time pay attention to the loudspeaker so that you can hear the interlocutor. And finally check the jack plug by inserting headphones and listening to music.

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