6 Challenges of Latest iOS App Development Trends That Developers Face

With every new version, Apple’s mobile operating system brings a lot of new features, capabilities, and advancements. Along with various improvements, there are some of the challenges that developers face while developing an iOS application.

The all new and latest version of iOS comes with enormous challenges around functionality. Even, Apple has introduced approximately 4000 new APIs this year for developers to take benefit of and execute an application at the time of developing app.

Latest iOS App Development Trends

Recently, Apple launched the iOS 11 on the 19th September 2017 that comes with a lot of new features to improve users’ experience. There is no doubt that application development for every platform is becoming quite challenging for developers as every single application has its own unique functionality, technical platforms, design and architectural considerations.

When it comes to talking about the iOS operating systems, they are not only limited to computer or smartphones, but the range also comprises iPads and iPods. With the launch of new OS, it is essential to look at the challenges of latest iOS App Development Trends that developers can face.

iOS App Development Challenges With Current Trends

Multifaceted Software Changes

As AI-driven personal assistants ruling the industry, there is no doubt that updates to Siri were high on Apple’s to-do list. The smartest Siri to the iPhone means a lot as voice will become an important means of communicating with a device, and eventually with an application.

With the improved functionality, iOS app developers are in a strategic position to serve audio-enabled mobile experiences, so getting ahead of this trend must be a top priority for staying connected with users across channels.

As Apple has also included AR capabilities into the iPhone camera, so users can point the camera at different objects and get detail insights about what’s in front of them. It would get developers to think about how they can make use of the camera to improve the user experience of their application.

As teams are going to begin the process, make sure that this new ability needs a variety of environmental considerations from device location, locale and language to incoming notifications while making use of the feature. Testing on these varied factors sooner or later will surely need that your app embraces the latest technology without scarifying the end user experience.

Restrictions Related to Storage and Memory

Another challenge that developers face is the limitations of storage and memory. In case, if you are developing a single version of the iOS application, then there are numerous devices that operate on that one version. And each device has its own memory restriction.

Even, you can find some of the applications and games that are taking huge space and if the phone is supporting the latest iOS version, the user will not be able to play the game. Therefore, it is essential for developer to take into consideration the demand of the application.

Applications in Sandboxed Environment

In the iPhone, the third-party apps are integrated into a sandboxed environment. Sandboxing is known for helping developers to avoid the extent of damage that compromises app cause to the iPhone. It will develop another set of application development challenges, which the app to contact data from outside their defined Sandboxed directory.

Getting an Approval from the iOS App Store

Once, you end-up developing an application, it is not that you can launch your application instantly. It is essential that you get an approval from Apple’s App Store and avoiding for getting rejected.

With enormous reasons, it is important that you should be aware of them. As Apple has set some of the rules and regulations, so you should not try to get over the line. It is also essential to remain up to date completely as it will keep on changing.

User Interface

Apple’s iOS devices are the highly used by people because of its clean design concept and wonderful user experience. However, it is not easily possible to make use of the screen space optimally and develop an attractive user interface.

Talking about the user interface, it only shows the main features and functionality in an intuitive process flow as developers can have a limited amount of space. It is a big challenge to manage the limited amount of screen space with augmenting in business expectations from the iOS application.

Beta Testing

When testing an application’s performance, the optimal method that you can implement is beta testing. You can easily test your application that whether it is functioning well or there is any problem with it.

It will also help in the removal of the bugs if any and this is how you can suffice your audience’s requirements and can get more of them. It will also help in app promotion.

Conclusion –

So, these are different challenges of latest iOS app development trends that iOS app developers can face when developing an app. They need to find the best solutions using their technical knowledge and data with the latest developments in the field of applications.

They can also be aware of iPhone challenges and when and what latest news is being offered from the Apple and one of the great ways to do so is keep on reading the official blog of Apple. Even, most of the professional iPhone app development companies keep updating their knowledge and skills by conducting training and skills upgrading programs for their developers so that they can develop iOS apps that stand-out in the market.

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