A Look at the Most Essential Mobile Marketing Tools

If there’s one thing that marketers worldwide are concentrating on it is mobile marketing and with a 65% increase in mobile ecommerce in 2015, the mobile world is showing no signs of slowing down this year or next. Taking advantage of the most essential marketing tools for mobiles is vital as a business owner and as everyone who is anyone now has some sort of mobile device;it’s easy to see why mobile marketing has taken off in the way that it is.

The impact of mobile devices has had a massive impact on our day to day lives, from smartphones and iPads to laptops and tablets. They can be used for communication, work and leisure and the use of mobiles phones has gone way beyond making phone calls and sending text messages. Now everything from email access to social media management is done via mobile devices and it is important to identify what the best modern mobile marketing resources are in order for marketers to take full advantage of them.

Essential Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Apps

There are all kinds of mobile apps available and these can be used to improve different marketing strategies.

For Example: The new Pokemon Go app has caused a huge craze around the world with players searching for the nearest Pokestop. If your business is located close to a Pokestop, then you should market your business toencourageplayers inside.

Email Marketing Management

A great way to market any type of modern business is to set up an email marketing campaign and here’s how you can manage your email marketing from your mobile device:

  • You can set up emails to be sent out to your contacts via an automated system through your mobile device
  • You can write the content for your emails on your smartphone, laptop, iPad or tablet while on the go
  • Your email contacts can read your messages on their mobile device, so it is vital to ensure they are mobile-friendly

Email marketing is a solid marketing tactic that many business owners take full advantage of but it is important to make sure your messages are mobile-friendly, so that your contacts can access them via their mobile device.

Online Booking Systems

Whether you run a hotel or a travel agency, it is vital to have an online booking system that your customers can use to book through via their mobile device.

Social Media

Arguably one of the most powerful modern marketing tools is social media and this can be accessed from anything from a laptop or iPad to a smartphone or a tablet and you can use your mobile device to update your marketing on your commute to work, sat in a café at lunch or at the weekend.

Mobile marketing should be an integral part of any modern marketing campaign, whether you want to use your mobile device to boost your strategy or you need to ensure your clients can use their mobile devices to access your adverts.

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