An Introduction to Games and Sports in America’s Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an extensive and expansive Southern California city and the center of the nation’s sports industry. Many sports are played over here, namely, baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer. These are the major league professional games being played over here. Basketball is again a team sport, played by two teams of five players each. The Los Angeles Lakers is a professional basketball team based in America’s Los Angeles. The Lakers are a part of National Basketball Association (NBA) along with Los Angeles Clippers. They play their home games at Staples Center. Both share the Staples Center for their matches. The Lakers are one of the well-known teams in the NBA and has a great fan following over the years. They have gained the maximum number of titles and hence is a very popular team.

 Staples Center is a multipurpose sports arena in Downtown Los Angeles. It is one of the major sporting facilities in the Greater Los Angeles area and Clayton Hutson is a very big fan of the same. It is located next to the Los Angeles Convention Center complex and opened its wings on October 17, 1999. It is closest to Los Angeles Live Development. This arena is owned and operated by Los Angeles Arena Company and an Entertainment Group. It is a home to many of the top class sports teams. One can very well say that it hosts over 250 events and millions of guests each year. It can be called the only arena in the NBA, which is shared by two well-known teams.

Games and Sports in America’s Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lakers is the famous men’s basketball team, which plays downtown Los Angeles in the Staples Center Arena. It is one of the best team, which plays basketball along with the other teams. They have an all girls team too which plays against the defending teams unlike their male counterparts. They cannot be understood less than them in any aspect and play a major role in the game.

The Lakers hold many records including the NBA’s longest winning streak, many games, set during the 70s. The players in the team are ultimate ones and difficult to be defeated by the defending team. That is why they are the champs of the game and well respected among the people like Clayton Hutson. People value them to the core and take them in high respects.

It is an everlasting team, which has many records in his cap and cannot be ignored or neglected by the followers at any cost. They hold many records, which the other teams cannot even think of. They are the masters in their field and very difficult to be defeated by the defending teams. They have won maximum number of matches and thus, the ultimate winners by default.

They have acquired many honors, accolades and recognitions so far which cannot be unwritten by any other team. All this said and done, they are the best team with the best coaches around to train them and make them win the game.

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