Blend of Social Media and E-Marketing

Many businesses that incorporate social media are gauged by these so-called measuring sticks. The “likes” you get from Facebook, the followers you get from Twitters, repins from Pinterest and number of views of YouTube videos and so on.  Of course, this is not a bad thing since the driving element of putting your business in these social media accounts is to drive more revenue to you with reduced costs.

Blend of Social Media and E-Marketing

Since Tim Berners-Lee discovered the World Wide Web, he never imagined that his invention will the catapult a lot of regular people into billionaires and the meaning of being an entrepreneur will forever change. For many marketers on the internet, the rules always, in day-to-day fashion changes and social media is not an exemption.

A fusion of time-tested e-marketing techniques and the evolution of social media will be discussed. Furthermore, we shall see why these blending channels will help put more people into your wagon. Wireframing the C’s in your Social Media Business Context – How is your site organized? How is the layout? Are the pictures large enough for your customers to see and choose? Your site must be user-friendly and a glance of it should invoke a look and feel of how a professional web designer plays all the intricacies of an awesome website into harmony

Make sure that images are large and videos are properly embedded. By choosing the most appropriate context, you will generate the most interest from the visitors who will view the site. Through excellent web design, the content would not feel like it was thrown into the page. Thus, visitors would likely consume more of your content.

Content – implies that you should consistently offer unique information, which is actively being sought by your target audience. Do not leave content without keywords or backlinks, since Google’s spider crawlers can now also search on social media content publishing.

Commerce- in order to gain more following, you can entice your customers by promoting a contest. You can also put some exclusive items that are up for grabs, or you may also include free shipping or maybe a discount to the lucky winner. This will increase traffic to your site or page.

Connection–experts often say one vital element that retains customers to a brand is connection or relationship. The feeling of being valued and cared for and having your queries answered in a punctual, zestful and informative manner are values we genetically are attached to. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and other social networking sites provide internet marketers an effective platform on where we can develop a connection with our customers in a timed environment.

While in here, it is important to not be too focused on closing a sale. This does not end with just your customers, but also goes a long way with building a connection to other sites. It also pertains to connecting with other relevant content providers so that we constantly improve not just on ours but also on the success and mistakes of others.

Community – This signifies that one must go beyond the usual connect to the customer. There should have a true connection that will build an exchange in thoughts, ideas, and feelings—a relationship. Spending more time with potential customers will go a long way. Just by merely acknowledging their response will help build a network of engaging followers, fans or subscribers. Moreover, these small interactions will develop a community that helps grow itself with regular interaction among its members. Some do not mind these pointers, they are the ones who purchases members. We should all know better.

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