Brandon Steven – A Business Tycoon

If we talk more about the person that is Brandon Steven then also it will be very less because this man is the icon for the people that love to have the target and also the interest that he used to have and at last got successful. This man was born in Wichita at Kansas and his father was having the small business in Kansas and mother was a school teacher and he has two brothers that elder one is the Rodney Stevens and the younger one Johnny Stevens and also has one sister that is Julie Stevens. From his schooling time, he was having the interest in the sports and also in the entrepreneurship. From his childhood, he was just got interested in being a businessman and at the age of eleven he and his younger brother started the business that was removing the snow from the road. There are thousands of people that ate still taking this service as there the snowfall often falls.

Brandon Steven Business Tycoon

Brandon Steven was born in Wichita in 1973 on the date 25th of July. Brandon and his younger brother did this work till Brandon left the school and went to the high school and he gave this business to his younger brother. In high school along with his studies, he started working for the company that was cars doing the business in cars as he loved cars very much. At the age of 17, he requested the owner of the company to allow him to sell cars and he was still in his high school. This great person at the age of 17 was so successful that he thought of leaving the college but his parents were not in favor of his this type  business and later he was sent to join his elder brother’s college that is Southern Illinois University. Here he got the bachelor degree in marketing and the year was 1995.

Brandon was building up inside for diversifying himself through sports, delta chi fraternity and philanthropy. He also won the distinguished senior awards that were awarded to 25 students only. He was very creative and always thinks of creating the money by doing any sort of business and started the thing like buying the cars, t-shirts, and many other machines and then selling them. After some time this person at the age of 30 years became a famous icon for the people that were in the business or cars and later on in 2007 he won the award for the best car dealership and still this person is donating some of the amounts to the trust that is Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. He loves playing poker that is a casino game and this person purchased the building in 1996 in his local area that is Wichita at Kansas made the base for his company that is Brandon Steven Motors. Now Brandon got married and is having six children and a wife and living in Wichita at Kansas.

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