Business Dissertation Topics and Ideas For The Impact of Society and Government on Business Activities

The objective of this article is to provide you an assistance to choose a business dissertation topic as well as to provide you a pragmatic advice to create a topic. Most if not all business dissertation involves various topics covering numerous aspects of business field. Usually, developing a business dissertation involves how to report features of design and how to appropriately report the finding of the research.

Business Dissertation

 Here are some topics and ideas you can select under the broader category of Government and Societal impact on Businesses

  1. Measuring and evaluating if there is any causal relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance.
  2. Is reputation management or building paramount reason of integrating CSR in overall business strategies? Discussing the case of popular brands like Nike
  3. Assessing the impact of changing consumer expectations of corporate patronage and philanthropy on the stakeholder and shareholder predominance models of CSR
  4. Assessing implication of societal perceptions of corporate influence in determining state decision making. Discussing the case study of Shell in Niger Delta
  5. Can Governments efficiently prevent the monopolies formulation and curb unjust practices of big corporations. Analyzing Microsoft Case.
  6. Assessment of Obama health reform. Are aims for driving down the costs of healthcare for government and corporations, while protecting the insurance companies’ profits viable strategies?
  7. Practically does public good transcend rights of firms and individuals for seeking profit regardless to societal consequences?
  8. Is CSR system used by corporations too indeterminate and vague to really fulfill criteria it needs and does it make an effective contribution to community under its operations?
  9. Creating shared values, how corporate practices and policies enhance the competitiveness of company and at the same time advances the socio-economic conditions of the community?
  10. Does government maintenance of higher level of transparency and integrity correlate with creation of favorable environment for the growth of private sector as well as investment? Discussing the Tanzania case

All the ten ideas and business dissertation topics can help you to select a business dissertation topic that allows you to easily cope with your UK dissertation Help assignments within the timelines. Remember to analyze your topic and field before diving into it. You must know if there is lot of information related to that topic. For this explore it on the World Wide Web, your university’s libraries and also get help from your peers, seniors and your research chairpersons and supervisors. Nothing in the dissertation world is best than following the rules and guidelines provided by the supervisors.


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