Business techniques to impress your customers

Business means an economic structure which created to earn profit by exchanging goods/services for another goods/services or money. We are living in a commercial world where it is hard to make profit and hard to stay long therefore to earn profit we have to compete with others and we have to work hard without getting distracted. For a business to be satiable in the trade market they have to get approval from their customers because customers are the judges in this field.

The success of a business is decided by their customer base because the main goal of a business is customer satisfaction. If they failed to do this, then it will be an unhealthy and real danger situation for that business. For them to last long in that field they have to maintain customer friendly approaches. Another important thing is you have to understand your customer which means you have to know about the customer’s wants and needs, by doing that you can make them satisfy. To understand them we can use a comment book in the organization or filling surveys by customers. One important thing in a business is the first attempt will not be a success, but we have to keep doing it continuously to achieve success.

Business techniques

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Tips to impress the customers

There are some minor techniques which are followed by these days’ business people to attract their customers.

Introducing new technologies: ‘Change’ is the only thing which does not change therefore when the technology improved then adopting it as soon as possible is a smartest move to impress your customers.

Advertisements: for a product to reach the customer soon then it can only be done by the advertisement, which gives the first impression of the product to the customer. Therefore first impression must be a best impression so don’t discourage your customer. The advertisement must have to be eye catchy, colorful, impressive slogans and bright background to attract their customers.

Easy payment system: payments such as instalment payment, lease, and mortgage and lay by payment will impress all classes of people, because customers who does not enough capacity buy or make the payment in one attempt then this easy payment system will be really helpful.

Discounts and offers: by giving a small price reduction in the original price or selling on the concept such as ‘buy one get one free’ basis will be more attractive and customers always encourages this kind of offers.

Free gifts or gift vouchers:  to encourage their loyal customers by giving something small as a gift will give a good thought to them about your business

Loyalty cards: it’s a new technique which makes the customer to revisit to their shop. When a new person purchase in that shop they will be given a card on which some points will be added according to the purchase price. At least to use that points in that card the customer has to visit again.

These are some ideas where you can impress your customer in a genuine way but there are so many other ways where you can impress your customer in a fraudulent ways. But still you can earn profit in an inappropriate way by cheating your customer for a short period but it won’t last long.

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