Different Types of Bobcat Attachments – the A to Z

There are different types of bobcat attachments available in the market that can help you in your contracting business. Given below are some of them. Read on and choose the attachments that fit your requirement.

Different Types of Bobcat Attachment

Laser Grader Hire

Laser grader hire is much faster at grading open areas when compared to the 360 excavators. They are easy to use with a plug and play system. This grader is guided by laser transmitters located at fixed places across the grading site. The laser receivers attached to the grader pick up signals from the transmitters and adjust the grading blades automatically. This makes laser grade hires one of the most accurate attachments. They provide a high quality finish and save time and money as well. Mainly they are used in car park installation, concrete flooring preparations, sports field construction, motor race track construction and so on.

Mulching Head Hire

Mulching head hires are the ideal attachments to clear highly forested paths. It helps reduce thick overgrown trees, turning it into mulch in just few minutes. They are also widely used to clear ground for woodland trails, preparing a site for construction, and so on. Since there are several bobcat attachment hire available, you can choose the ones that suit your requirements.

Flail Hire

Flail hire attachments are best for removing thick overgrowth, long grass, weeds or bushes. The attachment can easily be adjusted so that it follows the contours of the surface. If you are looking to landscape a plot or develop a beautiful garden, then flail attachments will definitely prove to be useful. You can also use them in agriculture or construction environments.

Snow Blade Hire

The snow blade hire attachment will help you go ahead with your work even in the winter season. The blade is made up of high carbon steel to give you the extra strength. They can also be turned left or right, to a maximum angle of about 30 degrees. Except for the S70 and MT55 models, you can expect the snow blade to fit into any Tracked Loader and Skid Steer models.

Salt and Sand Spreader Hire

Salt and sand spreader hire attachments are good for gritting limited access areas. It’s always better to use these ones to prevent the chances of both snow and ice formation. In case of tight locations like car parking, very narrow roads etc., big gritter wagons may prove pretty useless. And this is where the salt and sand spreader becomes useful, especially for spreading.  The attachment also has a hopper with a capacity of 250 liters, which can be used like a big bucket.

Angle Broom Hire

When you are looking to clear roads, footpaths, car parks, or other areas, then angle broom attachments are the ideal solution. It helps to completely remove snow slush and ice from concrete. You can mount the angle broom attachment in two ways – either on a tracked loader, or on a skid-steer. And no matter what option is chosen, anyone who has the basic knowledge of operating a plant will be able to use the angle broom.

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