Empowering the Women of Asia

Living in the 22nd century has not changed the attitude of the society towards women largely, though women may have started matching up with the males in the corporate industry, but the domination that they have to bear, has remained pretty much the same. Women till today need to be emancipated from the shackles of the male dominated society.

The life of a woman has always been one of struggle and obstacles, though the outward appearance of people may have changed, yet their minds are still full of doubts regarding the integrity of women. The women of Asia in particularly are still subject to a lot of mental and physical torture. The word ‘torture’ may not be practiced in the form of punishments, but the expectations of the family members that the women should be able to handle any situation even if it is physically demanding, is the kind of torture she has to bear these days.

Empowering the Women of Asia

This condition of the Asian women needed a saviour and the missionary organisation of Gospel for Asia founded by Dr. KP Yohannan has played this role in the lives of these women. Dr. Yohannan has been travelling all over the globe for the last 40 years and his only mission in life is to spread the love of Christ to one and all.  He is also the International director of this organization which has been rendering its services to South Asia for the past 30 years.

Dr. Yohanna heard the calling of the Lord when he was just 16 years and since then  has dedicated his life to the Lord and it is the Lord Almighty that sent him to Asia to spread the Word of God among the numerous people in Asia who were yet to know the wonderful and marvellous ways in which the Lord loves his creation so dearly.

The Gospel for Asia team of volunteers and missionaries have been able to transform the lives of several Asian women by giving that same love of Christ through the Word of God, the Holy Bible. The women who have experienced the burning love of Christ in their hearts in turn have dedicated their lives to helping other women around them to get the same experience.

The pain, rejection, abuse, shame, dejection that had been experienced by the women of Asia all seemed to vanish once they learnt how the Lord had come for people like them and how it is people like them that are most dear to God.

The journey of the missionaries of KP Yohannan’s founded group Gospel for Asia has been rather difficult. They had to face imprisonment, beatings, insults and other forms of persecution for trying to speak about Christ’s message to these inflicted women, that they have nothing to fear or lose hope, for Christ has promised eternal bliss and strength for the present day.

Women have mostly been misunderstood and treated badly, but it is hardly realised and appreciated, the kind of contribution a woman makes to the existence of her family and society. Had it not been for a woman, this world would have become a globe of complete hopelessness.

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