Everyone Has Something to Give

You may think that since you have little life experience and are just graduating from high school that you can’t volunteer to work in a community in need somewhere wonderful half way around the world. Though you want to travel, the idea of volunteering may not even cross your mind. The truth of the matter is that anyone can help others, and those in the most need are often living in some of the most desirable and interesting vacation destinations. This combination of communities in need and fantastic vacation offerings provides a situation that is absolutely win-win for those who participate. Volunteer in Costa Rica and you can spend your weekends surfing and enjoying the local scene and spend the week learning Spanish and teaching young children how to speak English. Beautiful scenery awaits that will surely take your breath away, and you can choose to assist in keeping park spaces clean, tending to gardens, or caring for wildlife in reserves.


                The variety of projects increases the likelihood that no matter what your skills, interests and talents, there is something unique and valuable you can share with others. Volunteer in Costa Rica to receive an immersive vacation that shows you how people in the small communities actually live. Feel like part of the community as children recognize and hug you as you walk down the road. The experience of a vacationer tends to follow a small beaten path of tourist destinations that are fun to explore but only show a limited window onto the real Costa Rica experience. Though you have to schedule your own travel such as plane tickets to and from your location it isn’t uncommon for your volunteer group to send someone to meet you at the airport to ensure you find your way to the bunk house or your home stay location. You will receive detailed orientations that show you around nearby areas where you may explore on your own later. Knowledgeable local people will be available to tell you where all the real adventures are to be found.

                Volunteer in Costa Rica when you want to experience something new, while giving something of yourself to those in need. The diversity you can experience can make you a stronger and more compassionate person when you return home. A new appreciation for how privileged many are can be found in the simplicity and poverty found in some of the communities, and yet people are still grateful and joyful in their lives with an immense appreciation for what they do have. Stuff is just stuff after all and as long as food, water and shelter are adequately provided for, the rest is just extra. Volunteers can see how the human world interacts with wildlife in both positive and negative ways and work on programs that help to ensure the longevity and safety of species that are at risk. In many ways volunteers can turn their travel experience into a building block for who they want to become.

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