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Esperer Holdings, LLC is a Foreign Profit Corporation in the secondary nonferrous metal companies industry located in Santa Barbara, California. This company participates in the Staffing Industry with Butler America where one can address Engineering, IT, Telecom Staffing and Healthcare. Esperer Holdings, LLC also operate businesses in the Mining, Livestock, and Land Industries, the Food and Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, the Automotive Parts Industry and the Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Equipment Industry.

Steve Sorensen is the principal of Esperer Holdings, LLC since January 2012. He is basically helping in building the portfolio of businesses at Esperer Holdings, LLC. Prior to working with Esperer Holdings, LLC, Steve has been associated with the following companies:

  • The Select Family of Staffing Companies: In this temporary staffing and employment company Steve has been responsible for supervising sales marketing and management staff, building executive team, and all types of corporate functions. He has worked in the designation of Chied Executive Officer from the year 1987 to 2014.
  • Mark Twain Bank: From the year 1986 to 1987 Mr. Sorenson has worked in Mark Twain Bank as Assistant to the President.
  • GOLDER, THOMA & CRESSEY: Before joining Mark Twain Bank, he has worked for GOLDER, THOMA & CRESSEY from January 1985 to June 1986 as a research associate.

Mr. Sorenson has vast skills in the following areas:

  • Sales: He is an outstanding sales person with skills like strategic prospecting skills, product knowledge, buyer-seller agreement, rapport building on call, communication, active listening, time management, demo skills, post-sale relationship management etc.
  • Management: In a business, “management” is often regarded as something that helps to keep things afloat. But, for your business to develop and remain healthy, you must understand certain basic skills in leadership and management. Mr. Sorenson has skills like decision making and problem solving skill, meeting management, planning, communications, delegation etc.
  • Talent acquisition: Mr. Sorenson has an excellent talent acquisition skill which is basically the procedure of achieving and obtaining skilled human labor for organizational requirements and to meet any labor needs.


Mr. Sorenson has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in accounting and Japanese from Brigham Young University (BYU), located in Provo, Utah, United States. Later on, he has taken admission in University of Chicago in order to complete Master’s degree.

Apart from knowing English, Steve has proficiency in Japanese language.

Steve Sorensen is a well-known name in the staffing industry. He is the ex-owner of Select Staffing and also a current owner of Butler America. Both of these are staffing companies that have helped several people by getting them preferred works. His skills, expertise and talents have made these two companies prosperous.

When not working, Steve loves to spend time by watching sports such as basketball and his favorite teams are the LA Clippers and the BYU Cougars. He also loves to take part in adventure sports and likes to explore places such as Maui; Hawaii, Park City, Puget Sound in Seattle, Washington; Utah; as well as their family ranches.

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