Fake Ids And Process Of Creating Fake The Ids

Identity document forgery is the process by which identity documents which are issued by a governing body as a state or country are copied and or modified by an unauthorized individual.  Forged items also include the driver licenses, birth certificates, social security cards, and even passports. From many years the driver’s licenses have been forged due to the fact that the holder is not old enough to buy some of the controlled substance.  Social security cards are forged for the identity theft schemes. Passports are forged to entry into a particular county or any restricted place. Fake identification cards are frequently used for identification theft, age deception, illegal immigration and other organized crime. Many people think that a fake if is well worth the risk of getting caught. There are many websites that sell fake ID cards and about how really they look and frequently will provide some sort of guarantee that they will not get caught. While this is all great, many people do get caught. Getting caught with a fake id, results in being charged with a misdemeanor. The penalties include jail time, fines, community service and suspension of the person’s real driver’s license. Hence having fake d is just one offense.

Fake Ids And Process

Detailed process:

Florida is listed in fourth place in the ID theft. There are many websites which offers this service and the fake ID cards which likes similar to the original id. The Florida fake id is printed on polycarbonate and is scannable with a 1D and 2D bar which is present at its back. The license number format for the Florida fake id is the Soundex system. One can also format the licensed number for any fake order they order, even when they do not specify the number on the order form. The Florida fake has holographic overlay of FL, and the Florida state seal. The third ghost image, and holder’s last name is visible only under the black-lighting. They also cone the micro printing on the back around the government URL. The fake id creator knows that the fake ids they make from front to back, and not detail is left unperfected. Their Ohio fake id license is also printed on PVC and is scannable with 1D and 2D bar code. It is valid for 4 years with the licensed number comprised of 2 letters and 6 digits. UV blue with Ohio state seal glows under the black-lightning. Overlapping the main photo is a 2D-3D Ohio state at the left side of the state flag. The overlay laminating has department of public safety text at the left side of an image of the sate outline at the upper right area in the photo corner, the state flag, and the capitol building near the center. The world Ohio at the right, the same outline and state bird at the top left in ghost image. By this method the fake ids are created as such like an original id and they provide to their customers.

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