Football – the Heartbeat of Americans

There exists so many type of ball games – basketball, hockey, rugby, hand ball, volley ball, cricket, but what makes any Americans heart beat is Football, of course the American style. It is important to mention ‘the American style’ because football has had to adapt to various changes according to the nationality. For instance, the Canadian football is much varied from the American one, and what Indians know as football is totally different from the other two.

Known to be one of the most competitive sports in the United States, football is also popular by the names of ‘tackle ball’ or ‘Gridiron’. This game could be said to be the stimulator of the both physical as well as mental exercise. The physical aspect is much more obvious and apparent, but what stimulates the mental exercise is the need to strategise the game.

Played between two teams of eleven players each, a game of football is so alluring that not just the Americans but people from other places too get attracted and addicted towards it. For instance, a farm and agricultural sales person who lives in Pismo Beach California, Mr. Bennett Kireker New York has become his regular destination. He loves the game of football and also the professionally reputed New York Jets team. He is so intrigued by this game that this has possibly become one of the reasons for his connection with New York.

According to the most basic, general rules, this is a game, wherein, the possession of the ball is what matters the most. Players of two opposing teams, run, pass and catch the ball in order to secure that it is their team that possesses the ball. Points are scored when the ball is kept beyond a certain line on the field known as the end line. The owner of the maximum points is announced as the winning team.

In America there are various forms of the game at different levels – in school it is played as high school football, in college known as the college football and post that it is known as the professional football. The most prestigious type of professional football is the National Football League or the NFL of which, the favourite team of Bennett Kireker New York Jets is a part. He of course has other interests like hang gliding and playing Virtual Reality games but nothing can equal his deep interest in the game of football.

Football is in reality a descendent of rugby or same even say there are traces of association football in it. However, with the efforts of Walter Camp who is known as the ‘Father of American Football’ the rules and regulations of rugby were altered and after its metamorphosis has turned into what is known as American Football to the world today.

The Ohio League is the foremost professional league of football ever played in the country, and that was in the year 1903; it was when the American Professional Football Association came into existence, in the year 1920 that the name was changed to National Football League or the much loved NFL of the Americans.

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