Gold Investing 101

There are lots of worthwhile investment opportunities when it comes to precious metals. The world’s favorite yellow metal, gold, is one such opportunity, and a particularly lucrative one. At Indigo Precious Metals, we deal in the supply, trade, and valuation of a wide array of metals as well as precious coins. While not the rarest, gold is to many the most precious metal around. Gold prices are always fluctuating, reacting to political and economic uncertainty as well as other business developments. As such, when the price is at its highest, you can make a sizable return on any previous investments.

Furthermore, when the price is at its lowest, it’s best to invest for the future. You never know when great opportunities are going to come along so we recommend pursuing them while you can. But how do you make the best of a gold investment? How do you go about purchasing it? Today, we look at several pathways you can follow for buying gold. If you would like to learn more about gold, including live pricing, visit our website at

Gold Investing 101

ETFs, or Exchange-Traded Funds, and Unit Trusts for Gold

ETFs are a type of share you can use to monitor an index or reproduce asset performances. ETFs behave more like funds as opposed to typical shares, and you can even use them to track the fluctuating price of gold. This can come in handy when considering making an investment. You can even buy and sell them via investment bankers or stockbrokers, just like a normal share. With ETFs, however, you gain an added flexibility you won’t find with other shares.

Unit trusts, another popular choice, are useful as you can purchase them from fund managers when investing in bullion or gold mining companies. We can offer you sound advice on anything investment-related, including unit trusts. When looking to invest, come to us first, so we can help you get the best returns.

Physical Gold Investments

Investing in physical gold, be it bullion or coins, can seem daunting. What are you supposed to do with a crate full of gold bars anyway? But it is surprisingly simple and just as lucrative as buying the unit trusts. Physical gold always sells well at auction, and you can buy and sell it in small units or large quantities. If you need a safe place to keep your gold, our Singapore-based vaults are the best choice for your investment.

Singapore is a haven for precious metal traders, with Singapore ranked at the no. 1 worldwide city with best investment potential. The country is also known for its unrivaled legitimacy and impartiality in law. There is even a special agency called the CPIB (Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau) that monitors and investigates anything untoward. As such, Singapore offers excellent conditions to store your gold investment.

There are multiple advantages to investing in gold, namely that the precious metal’s value tends to stay fixed, even as other assets like shares or property fluctuate. Gold offers astounding insurance against inflation that, potentially, could lead to an upheaval in the global stock markets. Gold typically reacts to times of crisis, the price skyrocketing during political or economic uncertainty. What better time to cash in your investment?

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