Handling Those Difficult Decisions About Child Custody

Separations are hard and equally hard are the decisions that lead to it and those that follow it. Divorces and estrangement between couple are a messy affair and the impact on the family is devastating. Everything that formed your family’s foundation begins to get questioned and reworked. The blame-game that emerges makes the atmosphere at home take a turn for the worse. But the worse victims are the children. An ugly fight between parents causes much distress, so one can imagine what a divorce proceeding can do to the kids.

Challenges and Issues

Custody laws can be very subjective and hence possessing a massive force of dynamism in operation from one family to another. Parents’ personal habits not only in the present but also in the past are questioned, vicinity from schools, hospitals is calculated and financially capability is assessed before allowing them to take up guardianship of the child. This is where biology ends and everything else steps into the picture. Custody cases are highly sensitive because of a no. of reasons. Firstly, there is a great deal of negativity and shaming looming around. This leads to a great deal of unwanted bias in the concept of the ideal parent both in the children and the judges. Secondly, children are at an impressionable age where questions about the “right” parent can be daunting.

Child Custody

Law and the Lawyers

Since the 1970s, as the battle for legal custody of the child has become gender-neutral, there has been a steady rise in the contestation for custody. The developmental needs of the child have been kept as the prime focus. This has also given rise to an alternate set of nomenclature being used as “parenting time” instead of “custody” or “visitation”. It is of utmost importance to amicably settle negotiations between parents in the very initial stages of the divorce finalization. Otherwise post-custody cases are very difficult to handle. The “residential” parent may cut off lines of communication from the other parent or may indulge in vehement brainwashing. In such scenarios, you don’t want your lawyers adding fuel to fire and making the case worse.

Hence contact an Austin Child Custody Lawyer to simplify your after-divorce and post-custody life. For the holistic growth of the child, it is imperative that your lawyer understands the need to handle the proceedings in a safe environment where the child feels comfortable sharing his/her apprehensions and making a suitable decision. Your lawyer needs to be able to have a strong rapport with your child and look beyond legalities and technicalities. Separation can be traumatizing and adding legal hassle to it –plain disaster. Let the Austin Child Custody Lawyer be your savior for the day!

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