How Can You Benefit from an Impulse Heat Sealer?

If you’re not yet familiar, impulse heat sealers are devices that are used to seal products into packages. These sealers come in a variety of different systems and sizes and feature many different applications, though they are most often used in packaging for medical devices.  There are a number of benefits to using impulse heat sealers instead of other machines, including the following.

Impulse Heat Sealer

Easier/Faster to Use

One of the most frustrating things about other types of medical device packaging tools is the amount of time it can take for them to sufficiently warm up and become operable. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the device manufacturer that can offer the fastest turnaround without sacrificing quality will always remain ahead of the pack. With impulse heat sealers, all you have to do is turn them on and they’re ready to go. No wasted time spent waiting, which means greater production and a more profitable bottom line.

Greater Efficiency

Machines that take a long time to warm up result in much more than just wasted time. The warm-up period can also become a significant drain on power and energy, which contributes directly to higher costs for things like the use of electricity, as well as indirectly in the way of work inefficiency and subsequent higher labor costs. Because impulse heat sealers can be used on-demand, there’s less wasted electricity and a more optimized use of employee time. Plus, because the machine does not have to stay on in order to remain hot, there’s even more energy savings to be realized.


Other machines used in packaging for medical devices burn much hotter than impulse heat sealers. That means they pose a much greater risk to employee safety. When a heat sealer has to be left on for extended periods of time, the components can become dangerously hot. If an operator happens to accidentally come into contact with something like the sealer’s hot bar, the results can be a serious personal injury, which is bad for both the employee as well as the company. On-demand machines are only hot while they’re in use, dramatically reducing the risk of personal injury and overall risk to the business.


Ultimately, the goal of any quality medical device manufacturer is to ensure maximum packaging integrity, preventing compromise which could lead to a problem with sterility and subsequent serious repercussions on the patient treatment end of things. As such, it’s imperative that the equipment being used to package and seal these devices be operating at the highest level possible. Provided they are used as directed, impulse heat sealers generate seals that are strong, clean and precise. This helps to avoid problems such as uneven packaging or potential damage and/or defects.

With so many measurable benefits, it’s no surprise that impulse heat sealers are fast becoming the machine of choice for medical device packaging. If you’d like more information on our impulse sealers or any of our other medical package machinery products and services, please contact us today at Van der Stähl Scientific, 800 550-3854. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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