How to Distinguish The Real Virgin Remy Hair?

A lot of brands claim their virgin remy hair at a high price tag, it is very important to distinguish if the hair you are purchasing is truly 100% virgin remy hair.

In its basic meaning, the word remy is usually described the hair that was collected from one single donor. The cuticles on the hair are kept intact and facing the same direction. Virgin hair has never been processed, it is free from any chemicals such as color, dye, etc. So, virgin remy hair is the purest available in the market.

If you are purchasing hair in an exact color such as #2, then you are not purchasing the authentic virgin remy hair. Because virgin remy hair has not been chemically processed or colored, it comes in natural black or brown color. The hair package has a color label attached because this indicates the hair has been colored.


The very first way to tell virgin remy hair is through its color. The color of virgin remy hair is always the natural hair color of that donor, while it is true that color varies from natural black to brown, it is usually in medium brown that is lighter than #1B, while the color of virgin remy hair is not uniform through the whole bundle. Some package may contain strands of grey hair.

The second way to guarantee you are purchasing virgin remy hair is to check the hair grade and texture. Some hair is overly silky and straight, but that’s not real remy hair. While authentic virgin remy hair has a coarser yaki-like texture, non-remy hair is usually treated with silicones and coated with some chemical straightener, you will feel this layer when running your fingers through the hair.

To ensure the authenticity of virgin remy hair, just do a water test. Non-remy hair usually gets heavy when it is wet. While remy hair will regain its natural wavy or curl patterns when getting wet. Once the hair gets wet and dry again, it should be lighter than it was because the dirt was removed. It does not mean the hair is remy when it gets wavy or curly after getting wet.How to Distinguish The Real Virgin Remy Hair?

In a word, virgin hair is really a good investment because it can last for years. The natural luster, shine and texture makes virgin hair perfectly blend with any type of natural hair. The Brazilian virgin hair wholesale online also offers a high versatility which other type of hair can not compare with. With good maintenance and care, virgin hair can serve you very well, tangling, matting and shedding will never happen. So, the most important step is to choose a reputable hair vendor like New Star, which offers you 100% virgin remy hair in weaves, wigs, closures, frontals and extensions. Not only great quality virgin hair offered in New Star, they also give you a full return or refund if you are not satisfied with the hair. To ensure immediate shipping service, we have openned stores in New York and Atlanta.

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