How to Get a Better Deal on Home Contents Insurance

Better Deal on Home Contents Insurance
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Home invasions and burglaries are on the rise, according to police crime figures – all the more reason to check that you have the best home contents insurance deal. If you own your own home then buildings insurance is a prerequisite; the problem is that all too many householders simply assume that this insurance covers their personal belongings, when it doesn’t. Contents insurance is specifically designed to cover the contents of your home and all your personal belongings. Below are some tips on getting the best deal on home contents insurance.

Tip One: Shop Around

When you are looking for a home contents insurance policy, don’t take the first deal that is offered – shop around. You can begin with insurance comparison sites, but you should also do some independent research if you want the best deal. Always check the small print on any insurance policy that you take out, as you may think you’re fully covered for something when you’re not. If you own some very expensive items, you may want to pay for extra cover on those.

Tip Two: Get a Free Home Security Check

You may think that you’ve got everything covered when it comes to home security, but it’s always a good idea to have it checked out. Some of the best home security companies offer a free security survey, so it’s worth getting this done. A security survey will show your home’s weak spots, and highlight the best ways of dealing with them.

Tip Three: Finding the Right Policy

Home contents insurance policies vary considerably. It’s not always advisable to choose contents insurance based on price. A good policy should cover your personal belongings even if they are not stolen from your home. Always check the small print on any home insurance deal to make sure that you have the kind of cover you’re looking for. Some of the best policies may not have certain items as standard, but will give you the option of adding them to your policy.

Tip Four: Paying the Excess

When you’re looking for contents insurance (and in fact any kind of insurance) always read the small print to find out what is not covered, or how much excess you would need to pay. The best policies put a limit on the amount of excess you’ll be required to pay, usually up to £100. If you choose to pay a higher excess than stated, it could reduce your monthly or annual premium payments.

Tip Five: What You Can’t Claim

If you have a home computer, then you can get it covered against theft or accidental damage, but you won’t be able to claim for damage caused by a virus, for example. Your contents insurance will not cover items that are damaged due to everyday wear and tear.

So, buy wisely; shop around, get your free home security check and make sure that you fully understand what your insurance covers, and how much excess you might be required to pay.

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