How to Optimize Your Shopping Cart

When shopping online, the number one goal is customer retention. In order to optimize your online shopping cart, try to focus on speeding things up while offering competitive upsell offers that don’t complicate the sales process. These tips from will help you streamline the buying process and allow you to reduce the overall costs of shopping online.

Reduce Wasted Time

Make sure your shopping cart system loads quickly and is accessible from any page. All information relevant to the user, such as tax or shipping costs, should be calculated on the same screen and displayed where the user can see that information clearly and quickly.

Optimize Your Shopping Cart

Reduce the Steps

The goal of any web shopping cart should be customer completion. To that end, reduce the number of steps it takes to get to your thank you page in any way you can. One example is to combine your mailing address and confirmation forms on the same page. Other websites use accounts, which save customer payment methods, so choosing a payment method is simple and quick.

Final Thoughts

The best method to keep customers in your shopping cart and on their way to a completed transaction is by reducing the time they spend there. Look over recent support requests related to shopping cart systems and see if there are any common complaints. It might surprise you to learn that your customers are already asking for the crucial component that will save your shopping cart.

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