Individuals Make a Living By What They Get, But They Make a Life By What They Give

An individual’s character is revealed only through his deeds and actions. Looks and appearances may be deceptive but an individual cannot be pretending his entire life. If an individual helps others, it divulges his kind nature. If an individual behaves indecently, it shows his arrogance. If an individual speaks the truth always, he is being honest.

There are some deeds which one can do that will carry on rewarding them, even after they have passed away. As it is known and accepted that when the son of Adam died, all his good deeds came to an end except three: unending charity, knowledge from which other people may benefit after he is gone, and a virtuous son who would pray for him.

On 16th April, the South American country suffered a massive earthquake of 7.8 magnitude. The relentlessness of the disaster resonated all over the country, leaving no less than 500 dead and 2700 injured. Moved by the predicament of Ecuadorians, Prophet TB Joshua, Founder of Emmanuel TV sent a relief team to Esmeraldas Province, and transmitted a Boeing 727 Cargo Plane, which consisted of 20 tons of relief sterility material, consumable and non-perishable food stuff.

Individuals Make a Living By What They Get, But They Make a Life By What They Give

The relief efforts have relieved over 5 000 Ecuadorians, accumulating over US$500 000. And hence, Ecuador has conveyed gratitude to TB Joshua’s gesture of benevolence after he lend a hand to donate relief material to the nation hit by an earthquake.

TB Joshua’s church station recounted that on arrival, the aid and relief supplies were received by reps of government before the Armed Forces of Ecuador loaded the relief into army trucks and transported to the Emmanuel TV Operations Center, situated close to Esmeraldas City before spreading to numerous shelters. The Emmanuel TV Team also protracted its relief efforts to Chachi de San Salvador, which is a remote village, which had also been seriously affected by the quake in the areas of entrance to clean water and the demolition of its local school. In response to this certain community’s needs, Prophet TB Joshua’s team gave the community with equipment that converts unclean water and river into potable water.

Many people from all over the countries lag behind in supporting the humanitarian causes around the world. This is against the spirit and clear teachings of Christianity. One should accentuate more and more humanitarian works. Regardless of their religions, one should establish associations for the support of all poor people. One should feed the hungry, provide clothes and clean water to those who are in need. One should also provide medical clinics for free treatment of all those who are ill and need assistance and help. People should take care of the orphans, senior citizens, and widows to the best of one’s capabilities. One should also organize efficient relief programs for those who are victims of man-made or natural disasters everywhere in the world and should establish educational institutions not only for Christians but also for others. Just as salvation is significant; humanitarian work is also very significant. Actually no one can attain salvation without sincere humanitarian work.

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