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Invest in These Three Things for Success: People, Place, & Time

The business world moves at breakneck speed, particularly in countries like the Philippines where it is really just getting started. With an economy that is steadily expanding and a highly developed workforce, this region of the world is set to become a thriving commercial and corporate hub.

Western investors are already setting their sights on cities are Manila, because they know that this highly skilled, highly trained workforce is in need of jobs. The country has an impressive literacy rate, but it lacks executive and leadership roles. This is why entrepreneurs and small businesses can make it big in the Philippines, with relative ease.

If you do want to make your money here, however, there are some things that you need to acquire first. The fundamental assets of people, place, and time will help you turn your business into a success story.

People, Place, & Time

Hiring the Right People

You can’t run a successful company without a reliable, skilled team. You need people who are going to go above and beyond their job description to make sure that every day is a good one. If you’re planning to work flexibly, from a virtual workspace, trust is extra important. You won’t always be around to supervise employees, so they should be independent, motivated, and capable of organising their own schedule.

Fortunately, virtual offices like the ones available at Servcorp are built to support independent networking and co-working. They contain all of the corporate resources that teams or individuals could need to get the job done. This includes high-speed broadband, IT assistance (on demand), boardroom facilities, a mailing address, receptionist services, and more.

Finding the Perfect Workspace

When looking for an office – whether it is your first or the base for an expansion, don’t forget to check out things like transport links, parking spaces, and the availability of meeting rooms and boardrooms. In a virtual office, for instance, you’ll likely find a series of high-quality meeting spaces. However, because the environment is shared, they will be in use much of the time.

Take a tour of a virtual facility. Ask questions of representatives and find out how often you’ll be able to access the resources which are most important for your business. Or, alternatively, you could invest in a serviced office and take advantage of a private workspace and a prestigious address for a low price. When making your pick, prioritise environments which are light, airy, and well designed.

Making Time for New Opportunities

Opting for a more flexible working model is a good way to free up your resources. You can outsource many services, for instance. Most serviced and virtual solutions offer ‘pay as you use’ access to things like IT support, web development, meeting rooms, presentation tools, and media equipment. This will allow you to cut costs and ease the pressure relating to administrative duties.

24/7 receptionist services are a wonderful example of this because they enable businesses to stay connected without hiring extra staff. If you run an international operation and sell to customers across the world, you’ll need a way to communicate which isn’t restricted by time zones. When the little details are taken care of, you can focus your attention on growing and expanding the company.

Why Flexibility Is Your Key to Business Success

You can’t expect to find success without getting the basics right first. This includes a premium workspace, which your employees feel happy to spend time in. It means having on-demand access to key resources like a corporate telephone line, an official mailing address, and broadband which is outage and downtime free. Find yourself a great office and an ambitious team and you’ll have a bright future.

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