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Learn How To Draw For Beginners

One of the basic requirements for being a fashion designer is being good at drawing; sketching figures is something that all the fashion students should be good at. Figure drawing is not easy but it is the most important step for designing clothes, you really need to be able to sketch your design ideas on paper so that you can show them further. Another basic thing that one should know about figure drawing is the knowledge about colours and the colour palette, it is not that hard as it sound but it can add life to your designs.

Learn How To Draw For Beginners

Online drawing classes

If you want to learn how to draw step by step then there are a number of online lessons that are there. Choosing out of a large number of lessons that meet your needs is important as these lessons teach you how to draw and also give one the freedom to refer back whenever needed. Figure drawing is taught step by step online, they teach the right proportions of drawing a figure which is quite detailed.

How to look for the right drawing lesson?

Looking for the right drawing lesson can be a little hard as there are a number of good lessons there. However, there are a few things that can help in looking for the right drawing lesson:

  • How to draw step by step- You would obviously prefer a class that gives step by step instruction for drawing to beginners. Through the step by step method the whole drawing process is divided which makes it easy for one to learn and manage.
  • Beginner’s class- It is important to look for a beginner’s class especially if you are inexperienced in figure drawing. In the beginner’s class they break the lessons in steps and teach in the easiest way possible. Moreover the beginner’s classes are quite easy to understand.
  • Photos and videos- Look for lessons with detailed photos and videos for help as they are going to be helpful in copying. Photos and videos make learning a great experience and a fun one too.

Once you have found the online class for learning how to draw step by step then it is time to buy the supplies.

  • Pencils- A basic pencil is just perfect for the beginning, there are different brands of pencils available in the market so one can check out all the brands and then make a choice.
  • Sketchbook- For beginning any type sketchbook would do even a spiral notebook is perfect.
  • Coloured pencils- The coloured pencils are important for fashion designing sketches. Choose a set of colours that has many colours as possible, you can even look for water colours to make your drawing more attractive.

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