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Today it is the world of Science and Technology and without the help of the same it is impossible to attain a great success in any kind of professional career. So a regular update in technology can really create people with more expertise and also they will be capable of managing many problems within an instant. But it is very hard to say that only Technology can save us because of the heavy competition that is present in the modern business world today.  Normally people believe to achieve a great success in terms of money through business and also people think all these things are done without any hard work.  But actually this is not the real fact behind business and everyone should understand the fact that nothing is given for free in this world and so the greatest accomplishment of a business personality is to survive the heavy marketing competition that is present in a very decent intensity here.

Business Administration

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I am gone explain you the real achievements of one such personality who has been a very good officer in the area of marketing the products and services of many business entity. Dick DeVos has been in many executive positions in some of the major concerns and have achieved a great deal of things during his office. He has worked as a president of Amway and has tripled the sales throughout the entire market base of Amway all over the world. This is the period when the company has achieved an international sale that is higher than the domestic sales and this is achieved for the first time in the history of Amway. This is a real example for his business strategy as a good administrator. He is working as a president in the wind quest group currently.

But many people do not spend their time in researching about the personal life of such achievers which is one of a terrible mistake. If you are really interested in achieving something in life then there is no need to hesitate about reading the important facts of his personal life.  So let me give you a very brief story of his personal life which is capable of teaching you a lot of lessons.

Personal life

The personal life of this man I telling us that he is not only a very god business man but also a very good all rounder. He had been selected as a champion for two times in national level sailing. In edition he had been qualified as a good professional jet aircraft and helicopter pilot too. It is almost impossible for anyone to imagine such a multiple level of capabilities and Excellency. Also he has given his part in the side of writing too and the bestselling “Rediscovering American values” is the famous book written by him published in the year 1997. He has also worked as a chief and key member in many community activities. The education freedom fund is one such thing that contributed to the studies of a lot of students.

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