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Participating in the NFL league is the dream of every teenage boy in America. However, the road to become a professional football is never a smooth one.  This is because an aspirant needs to posses certain qualities, which will make him stand out among the crowd in this sport beside talent.  Duval Love is popular NFL footballer and he has been taking part in this sporting event for over a decade. Many of his admirers and fans consider him to a role model for youngsters who hope to leave their mark in this popular sport. In fact, he goes the extra mile in giving valuable advice to these ambitious young people on how to achieve their goal.

Expert Player

His advice

Mr. Love explains that an aspirant who wishes playing football in the NFL arena needs to learn to keep his calm and focus while controlling the ball. Such a contender must also master the skill of outmaneuvering his opponents while running with the ball in an attempt to score a goal. He says such a person can only acquire this ability through regular practice during grueling training sessions. It is not possible for anyone gain expertise in this skill overnight. Youngsters can also attempt to kick the football hard with a powerful instep as they approach their opponent’s touchline. This will cause the ball to backspin in the opposition’s area. He goes on to explain that professional football is a team game and each member has an important role to play when it comes to winning matches. These are some of the Duval Love NFL tips that he offers newcomers to enhance their professional football skills.

His journey in NFL 

He says it was always his dream as a child to become a professional footballer and participate in the NFL league. Like other players, he had to work very hard during training sessions to master the skills he imparts to new aspirants of this sport. He acknowledges the role of his coaches and instructors played in fine-tuning his skills and tactics as a linesman. He also adds that with the support and encourage of his parents, it would have been possible for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer. A major breakthrough came in his life in 1985 when he made his first appearance in the NFL tournament as an offensive linesman for the Los Angeles Rams. In his memorable career as a professional NFL footballer, he was also an important team member for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals.

Youngsters who aim to play professional football in the NFL league need to follow Duval Love NFL tips. They will come to realize the importance of training hard and having a positive attitude both on and off the field. They will also learn why it is necessary develop strong work ethics, self-discipline and team spirit in order to win matches. This is in addition to being physically fit and mentally alert whenever they are on the field. These aspirants will also become aware of the significance of consuming the healthy diet and rest to enhance their performance on the field.

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