Offshore Outsourcing: Challenging And Yet So Exciting And Lucrative!

With the advancement of technology to such a magnitude, it is now possible for a business to cater to needs by providing professional services of a client of some other country too. This is called Offshore Outsourcing. One of the first ones to tread this way was the BPO or the Business Process Outsourcing that contracted of services and responsibilities of back office types, as a starter, of specific businesses to a third party source which was a ‘foreign based one’. Now it has even graduated to outsourcing responsibilities related to the ‘Front Office Support’, the contact-center points – the kind of function that the call centers are into.

Offshore Outsourcing

About Outsourcing Offshore

Now, here the scene and the sensitivity of every aspect is magnified by many leaps as the both the client and the service provider are from completely different countries, or the geographically chalked out boundaries. This is considered to be far more difficult due to the possible variance in cultural, political, and linguistic difference between the two. Thus, one has to be very careful about the outsourcing aspect in this. The most challenging part of this possible set up has been able to clearly communicate the professional needs, linguistic needs, and related logistical needs and their requisite preparations and establishment.

Industrial standards here are related to the quality and updating of technology have to at par with the international standards. Because here the cost of rise is a dual one: for the client, an increase in business prospects in their own country (at least to start with), and for the service providers. The most common of sectors going for offshore outsourcing are the IT, Content Development, E commerce, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Customer Support, Web related Services etc.

Other Benefits And Some Negatives of Outsourcing Offshore

In terms of its benefits, Outsourcing Offshore has as many benefits that any call centers would enumerate, though, on a much larger scale.

  1. The main reason for the foreign client to make Off sourcing an option is to cut costs of its operations. So, opting for developing countries like India practically contracts their budget to a good size!
  2. This is about Outsourcing ‘support function’ to another agent at a much lower cost and then concentrating on other cardinal plans for company growth.
  3. Reducing the risk factor in the business. The Outsourcing vendors share the responsibility of delivering the needful by the foreign client, so a lot is shifted to them in this respect, thereby freeing the client of going too deep into the analysis of risks for their business. The vendors take it on them to ensure every precaution here.

In terms of Disadvantages, the most potent one is the risk of exposing a confidential lot of information. This is something of a high possibility in industries like HR. Sometimes timelines are not stuck to, and this could create some miscommunication as well.

Well, as India has emerged one of the favorite options as an outsourcing offshore one, this is to be encouraged more and polished further to give our economy a further, wholesome push and not an offshore one!

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