Raw or Carton Milk- What Should You Drink?

The debate over milk has increased and people are not sure on whether they should consume carton milk or milk directly from the cow or the goat. It is obvious for people to be confused. In the past, you have been used to drinking milk from the carton and even if raw or real milk was bought home, you had to ensure that it was heated before being consumed. You know that real or raw milk needs to be heated or warmed in order to destroy the harmful bacteria. This will prevent them from entering the human body. However, are you aware of the fact that when you heat milk, the friendly bacteria is also destroyed?

Raw or Carton Milk

What are specialist farmers saying?

Geoffrey Morell is the co-owner of the P.A Bowen Farmstead that specializes in producing high quality meat and dairy products. He says that on his farm cattle is bred with natural grass and are not injected with hormones and antibiotics like in factory farms. He says that real milk is produced in his farm and it is the need of the day for people to become aware of its benefits in order to get the best for their needs, he says.

When he comes to the issue of real milk versus carton milk, he says that there are some valid arguments coming from both the sides. It is obvious that you will be confused. Pasteurization is the technique of warming milk that was invented by Louis Pasteur. The heat kills the dangerous bacteria that causes diseases like Salmonelia. This technique was designed for use for wine and beer. However, little do you know that this process also kills the enzymes in the milk that are necessary for our health. This means that when you are consuming milk after pasteurization, you actually receive no benefits from it. There are 22 amino acids that are present in the milk and when you opt for pasteurization, you are actually killing them as well. This is food for thought, he says!

What should you do?

He says that you should consume milk from pasture farms that is raw and derived naturally from the milk of the cow or the goat. This means the cow or the goat that gives you milk is fed with natural grass and hay. There are no hormone injections and antibiotics that is administered to the cow.

The cows and the goats here eat organic grass. This means when you consume the milk of these cows or goats you are consuming the healthy nutrients of the milk as well. Raw milk from these cows and goats are also easier for you to digest. In this manner, you are becoming stronger and healthier with better quality milk.

Geoffrey Morell says that commercial cows are fed with grains that are not fit for them. The milk produced lacks the vital nutrients that the human body needs. This is the reason why you should be aware and educated. Finally the choice is yours as to whether you should consume raw or carton milk!

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