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3D printing, also known as additive printing, which transforms 3D models into solid objects by building them in layers. 3D printing has been used in a wide range of materials including thermoplastics, thermoplastic composites, metal alloys, pure metals, ceramics, and various forms of food.

We can see a rapid growth in 3D marketing and over a million of 3D printers are likely to be sold by 2020. There was a promising future for the 3D printing marketing and currently the 3D printing has limited use and it was so expensive in the market.

There were tremendous changes in the printing sectors after introducing 3D printers, so that printing, binding in Sivakasi will continue to expand in many areas in the coming years. The areas where the uses of 3D printers are hospitals, gaming sectors, customs parts replacement, automobiles and more. The replacement organs can be created using 3D printers.

Successful Business Strategies

In automobiles, 3D printers play a major role in designing the car in 3D. Even there is a possibility of printing on the whole body of the plane in large scale using 3D printers. The 3D technology is unpredictable and the 3D printers may also be used to make future buildings for a real.

Innovation and creativity must need for the 3D printing business. It may increase your business productivity and it greatly reducing the resources needed to design and prototype products. In recent years, 3D printing technology has gone from a cutting-edge novelty to a growing and popular industry for new start-ups.

Some of the companies like Natural Machines Foodini, SOLS, Banneya are extensively using the 3D printing technology where 3D printing is starting to shake things up, especially as the cost of 3D printing drops and the technology becomes more accessible.

3D printing is making huge leaps forward in the medical industry by giving treatment to cancer. As per source in 2014, researchers developed a fast, inexpensive way to make facial prostheses for patients who had undergone surgery for eye cancer, using facial scanning software and 3D printing.

3D printing is much more accessible for your everyday life. Since you can save so much on the printer itself, why not pay it forward and save money on items you use and buy for your home on a daily basis. Reduce, reuse and recycle is even easier with a 3D printer. Instead of throwing out that broom with the broken handle or buying a completely new dishwasher, you can print brand new pieces to replace the broken parts.

You can save money by using 3D printers in the home by printing your own paint bucket accessories, stencils and custom outlet cover all save you from yet another trip to the home improvement store.

The 3D printing can be used in jewellery shops by scanning their designs, migrate to 3D model and they can sell it for large custom prices to the customers. You can create Chip bag clips, Napkin Rings, Wine bottle holder, Small shelves and racks, Paper towel holders with the help of 3D printers which gives you the ability to create all of these items and more.

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