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Save The Environment With Organic Fertilizers

Consumers and medical practitioners in industrial countries are becoming vocal with their concerns on the quality and safety standards of food items conventional farmers are producing. Moreover, these cultivators are also questioning the commercial viability of this form of agriculture in improving their economic standards. This is because of the detrimental effect of chemical fertilizers on their land and expenses they have to incur for these products. In fact, many of these agrarian practitioners are now turning their attention to sustainable farming options and are choosing to use organic fertilizers to enhance the productiveness of the soil on their farms.

Geoffrey Morell, a leading American farmer specializing in non-traditional agricultural techniques, says organic fertilizers have the following benefits over chemical and synthetic variants:

Organic Fertilizers

  • Non-toxic

There is an increasing awareness among consumers and experts from the farming community of the effect of chemical fertilizers on the food items people eat. Members of the medical fraternity are of the opinion that the toxic substances in such products are detrimental to the health of the individuals who consume such eatables. This is the reason why agriculturists who are making the shift from industrial to sustainable farming are now relying on organic fertilizers. Moreover, they can ensure that the produce of their land is not poisonous to their buyers.

  • Less Costly

For any agriculturist, chemical fertilizers make of a significant portion of their production costs. Moreover, the prices of such farming implements are increasing every year. This is the reason why they are now turning to organic variants to enhance the productiveness of their land. In addition to this, the continuous use of compost and manure over time increase the soil’s ability to rich in nutrients without much human effort. This acts as a catalyst in reducing cost significantly.

  • Provides employment for more people

Chemical and synthetic fertilizers are the products of large-scale petro-chemical industries that prefer to automate their processes. However, farmers who adopt organic farming techniques need to make their own fertilizers out of manure or compost. This is a labor-intensive task and these cultivators need a number of individual to make adequate quantities for their farms. This provides employment opportunities for people living in agrarian communities.

  • Eco-friendly and safe

The continuous use of chemical fertilizers not only decreases the fertility of the soil but it is an environmental hazard. The toxic substances in such products are responsible for contaminating the atmosphere and ground water levels. On the other hand, the organic variants are biodegradable and enrich the soil with nutrients.  This goes a long way in promoting a world free from pollution for future generations.

Geoffrey Morell goes on to say that many business organizations whose commercial activities that depending on the agricultural sector are encouraging farmers to use organic fertilizers. The benefits of a reduction in production costs, environmentally friendly and ability to grow non-toxic food products are also strong incentives for these cultivators to abandon the chemical variants. In this way, they are ensuring that there are healthier food products on people’s tables.

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