Secure Assets with Proper Planning

We have to secure our future for any hazard which may come by. The term Secondary market annuity or SMA refers to an in force period payment stream. The term secondary is used to differentiate the existing payment streams from the primary market payment streams. There are various types of payments which come under this annuity section. There are payments in the marketplace which arise from lottery prizes as well as individually owned annuities. It is very important to clarify that most of the secondary market transactions are generated from structured settlement compensation. To cite an example we can say legal claims for personal injuries or medical malpractice. However, these transactions are not related anyhow with life settlements. Life settlements make bets on the actuarial tables. The secondary market annuities are the certain period guaranteed receivables.

Secure Assets with Proper Planning

What are the structured settlement annuities?

The majority of the SMA’s in short are guaranteed payment options backed up by the period certain annuities. The secondary annuities make serious professions who check on the major carriers that pay compensation charges for injuries, damages or legal claims. When an injured party elects to take their award as structured settlement over time, the law says that their compensation fees are income tax free. Hence, by opting for structured settlement overtime rather than having a hefty amount, the plaintiff can get both the reward and the earnings of the reward without any tax liability.

Structured settlements are useful tools

The defendants typically use a qualified settlement fund or other vessel to transfer the compensation for injured party to a major carrier in tax qualified manner. Defendants then buy a life policy with period certain annuity. This annuity funds the specific payments under the settlements. The qualified funds or affiliated entities of the defendant are the annuity owner and the plaintiff is the payee. The structured settlements are useful tools in the legal system which provide help for minors and also provide support to the injured people who are not able to work. This provides self-sustenance and less reliance on public service support systems. However, times change and the payee under a settlement may require urgent cash. As the payee is not owners of the annuity, their payments cannot be converted directly into cash. The sellers of the payments purchase some of their future revenues and accept a discount rate for these payments.

Why is the yield high?

When the sellers are providing a discount, a secondary market annuity is created which offers the new recipient a higher than market rate of return. The buyers of the secondary market annuities can receive yields which are 1-4% higher than the primary market. The SMAs have no market volatility. They are the price which is based on the current market discount rates. If the rates are low, one can sell their contracts for a high rate of profit. The clients are promised guaranteed returns from the reputed companies. Hence, it is a good sector to invest money in.

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