Symptoms of an Infected Website

A website has become a very important tool employed in the proper functioning of any business. Computers have taken over the world completely and there is no area of life devoid of the influence of the same. Naturally, the risk of being damaged, misused and exploited has become rather rampant. The group of hackers have excellent capability of going into someone else’s website and gathering information from the site or making other changes in it that ultimately lead the website to become black listed.

This is the reason almost all website owners have some kind of security system to protect their website from the clutches of these cyber goons. In fact there are companies particularly specialized in the work of protecting their client company’s website. SiteLock is such as company and the products available here is one of the best in the website protection security systems. However, be aware of Sitelock Scam and avoid falling prey to such fraudby indulging in porper research.

Symptoms of an Infected Website

This company has been taking care of the security of websites of various companies all over the world since 2008. Their expertise and unmatched team of experts who are available 24/7 to any query make them even more famous. They have a wide range of services which include excellent service in Website Application Firewall, Automatic Detection and Remediation, Website Acceleration and several others.

Just like the human body is susceptible to illnesses and needs medicines for its cure, similarly, the website is also liable to be infected by different types of malware and malicious infections. And identical to physical sickness which has signs and symptoms that help identify the ailment and find its cure before it is too late; the website too has certain signs and symptoms that can be identified in order to initiate the treatment of the infection.

Now, in the case of a website, an infection refers to the changes that a hacker makes after illegally entering your website. They may add extra pages to the site to make phishing possible or even change things to add spam to the site. Moreover, the hacker may add certain malicious content or malware to your website which causes harm to the computer. The malware could be in the form of worms, virus, spyware and even Trojan horse.

In order to verify if your website is infected or not the easiest option is to analyze the source code and look for infections such as malicious scripts, hidden iFrames, .htaccess redirects, etc. the symptoms of infection would mostly begin with notifications that you receive from a third party. If incase, you are redirected from your site to some other site and are unable to enter your site, you should consider that the website has been hacked.

A sudden decrease of visits from the search engines, is another symptom of infection of website. Becoming less responsive and taking long time to load, reaching your site with completely irrelevant search words, removal of your site from a search engine, are some of the other signs of infection.

There is no end to the new and innovative ways of maliciously harming a website, it is hence that you should take the help of experts from renowned companies and use the Sitelock Scam products which guarantee to protect your website throughout your life.

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