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Testosterone Cycles Of 12 To 16 Weeks

Testosterones are nothing but the kind of drugs which helps to artificially pass the steroids in mala testes. It is like hormones that are produced in the male testes and the amount of this hormone production is high when compared to the production of the female ovaries. The testosterones are widely used by most of the athletes and bodybuilders to improve the muscle strength, stamina and to improve the power of the body. It helps to improve the deepening growth of the voice and hair. The testosterone level of the human body in blood serum should be ranges from 300 to 100ng per deciliters.

But, if the amount of these productions is low then it will be leads to many problems in the human body. The hormone imbalances, poor energy levels, erectile dysfunction, infertility and so many problems will be occurs due to this reason and then it will be entirely affects the quality of life of the human. It can be used by both male and female athletes and bodybuilders. While using the steroids, the people should maintain proper diet and exercises.

Testosterone Cycles

But the testosterones are not legal in many countries when it is used without the doctor’s prescription. So people should ensure that their country rules. Exogenous testosterone is injected from outside of the human body and it is not an organic testosterone produced from the human body. It is not suitable for bodybuilding processes and for athletic people because it will sometimes cause many side effects for the human body who are continuously uses it.

What the testosterone cycle represents?

Testosterone cycles of 12 to 16 weeks is the process that refers to the word on-again and off-again usage of these kinds of hormones can be passed to the human body through the injection form. Usually some kinds of testosterones can be prescribed to the male for some medical reasons. But they should use it for the certain amount of time and then they should discontinue once the hormone level comes up.

Testosterone therapy is not recommended for all the people but applied for who are having the low T in their body.  The low T will leads to hair loss, depression, decreased muscle mass and so on. Testosterone cycling is nothing but it is related to using the steroids without the prescription for the body building.

If the male already have an adequate level of hormones in their body, there would not be any need to use these steroids. If the person is using it without knowing properly about the product then it will leads to many side effects. The mal testosterone cycle need to use for 10 weeks to not more than 12 weeks.

If it is cycled for 16 weeks, then the risk factors will be little high. The main reason is that it will not run for more than 12 weeks. The steroid dosages must be adjusted for the particular period of time and the testosterone cycle will helps to produce better results which can be stated as before and after cycling results. These results come when the combination of different types of anabolic steroids usage.

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