The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Ecommerce

The World Wide Web became a business necessity. A business is not deemed competitive without an online presence. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus are free marketing tools that allow companies engage to consumers no matter which country they are in.

Social media marketing in Fairfield allows instant two-way communication between the company and the consumer. These user inputs are then segmented by geography, demography, and interest. From these, highly individualized messages can be tailored for specific audiences.

The multiplier effect is another benefit of social media in e-commerce. With just one click, users can share the original message to thousands of followers. There is no need to spend millions on creating jingles and television ads anymore. This referral process, or word-of-mouth, becomes an ultimate proof because it is a friend or relative who attests to the product or service. Referral traffic from existing customers has a higher probability of converting new site visitors to future customers.

Americans spend an enormous amount of time surfing the internet. Having an online presence is imperative to attract this traffic, so it will be a mistake not to invest on these social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing in Ecommerce

Social media lets consumers interact with a company on different touch points. Awareness and interest are raised by seeing a particular clothing brand on a friend who took a selfie on Instagram, for example. This will then make the person consider looking for the same brand, which will then lead him to the company’s website. Seeing the same item of clothing that he saw on Instagram, he will then purchase a similar style, or probably add more products to his cart as he explores the site. There is no need for him to physically go to a store to get what he wants. With a click of a button, he can process payment and have the items delivered to his home.

Having a customer loyalty program is an important marketing strategy to drive sales and increase customer lifetime value. Social media opened an avenue to drive more engagement on loyalty programs of online businesses for more active customer participation. These businesses can reward customers not only for purchases but also for sharing their opinions on social media platforms, signing up for company newsletters, using hashtags, joining contests, etc. These activities will drive higher influence and awareness of a brand.

Businesses need to establish trust with their online consumers. Through social media platforms, companies are able to build a more intimate relationship with consumers. Engaging with customers on this level will build a relationship that will earn their trust and loyalty to the brand.

Because of increasing competition among e-commerce websites, you need to choose the specific platform that will best suit your company. For example, Twitter is best for influencer marketing, while Google Plus can be used to promote your website through hyperlinks. In Facebook and Instagram, you will need to determine the best time to post, and how many times to post content.

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