Things You Need to Know About Green Burials

Every year millions and millions of people pass away and the impact they leave on earth with cremations and normal burials can be very harmful since a lot of chemicals and polluted air is released. But why do you need to leave a footprint like this when you say goodbye to earth? Why not go in a really eco friendly way? People who really think about this have already gone green and this is why you too need to think about the amazing impact you can leave when you say adieu to earth. It is not a new traditional but this is the most ancient way that people used to practice for burials. After the American Civil War it became a less popular practice. Now it is coming up again. So here are some of the things that you need to know about it.

Green Burials

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Get advice

This might be a totally new thing to you so it is best to seek for advice before you jump into conclusions. Check for good funeral directors Melbourne that will help you to go green for the funeral. If it is hard to find for one then, you can check for more sustainable solutions for the coffin and leave out embalming in the local funeral service. That will also be a really good way to lessen eh impact it has on earth. You can also get some advice on people who really followed a green burial for their loved ones. If the deceased tried to live a more green life then, a green burial can really be a tribute to them.

You need to check for a place

Not all places are allowed to bury bodies. Like for a normal burial there are cemeteries for green burials there are special places as well. This you need to check with the funeral directors because they will have separate green burial sites for the purpose. But there will not be elegantly crafted headstones and memorial stones for you to fix. But something living and natural will be the option for you. How good is it to plant a flower bush or a plant in honor of your loved one? It will grow after their death over their burial place and one day bear fruit. A new life is born when one leaves the earth and it can be a true memory of them. Be personal by growing their favorite flower plant or tree.

Give to the charity

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on funerals. While it is nice to honor the dead you need to have a lot of pity for the living as well. So why not think about charity donations and aids you can give to the sick? From donating the good clothes of the deceased you can give gifts of sympathy for the people in need. Check for some of these places you can extend your donations to and it will be a real honor for your loved one who lost his/her life.

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