Translation Services – Why You Should Always Go Professional

At this point, everyone knows the inherent value to be found in accurate translation. High quality, reliable translation is like a key that gives you access to millions more customers worldwide, and that’s no overestimation. Only a quarter of the internet is English speaking, and what that means for your online business, product or service that’s only available in English is that you’re neglecting three quarters of the potential marketplace.

However, as with literally every online service that’s out there, there’s always someone looking to make a quick buck on a substandard service and a simple Google search will reveal literally hundreds of thousands of supposed translation options. However, in the interest of not getting burned, ripped off or let down by a substandard service, you should always try to find the most reputable, reliable, professional translation company out there. I don’t mean to put you off, there are smaller translation operations out there that while you couldn’t describe them as professional, they still deliver decent results.

However, any unknown translation service will generally be much slower, inherently less reliable, and more expensive, not to mention the fact that they simply won’t be able to offer the range of different languages that bigger, more professional translation companies can offer.

Translation Services

This is why it’s always best to go professional for all your translation needs.  

Why even translate in the first place? Well, do you want your company to be more stable, balanced and reliable? Then you need varied, international clients. Making use of the international market goes beyond simply being more clients and therefore greater revenue, it means you don’t have to rely on areas where the financial situation could be ailing. This gives your business a greater stability, and the ability to target growth markets and move away from financially ailing, crashing areas, giving you a stance across the international market of much better stability and maneuverability. It means, in areas where other products and services are muscling in on your turf, you’ve still got a bunch of different markets and areas where you’re still top dog.

The simple fact is that utilizing professional translation services is cheaper, quicker and cost-effective. While some companies might tout the benefits of going it alone, without an external, professional translation company, setting up your own in-house team is much slower, and costlier than simply outsourcing the work to a professional company. On top of this, a translation company is always going to be geared towards efficiency, through specialized personnel, and an array of bespoke software, that allow them to do a quicker, more-thorough and higher quality job than your hypothetical in-house team.

Outsourcing is always going to be a key tenet of literally any business, and you’d do well to remember that, and bear in mind the risks and perils of micromanagement. Reliability is also a crucial player in any online dealings, and while you can expect absolute reliability from a professional company, a smaller operation might struggle to offer the same guarantees, potentially leaving you and your business in a nasty situation.

I also view it as a matter of respect. As a native English speaker, I can generally tell when something has been poorly translated, and if that’s coming from a company trying to sell me something, that leaves me feeling unappreciated and uncared for. This is not how you want to leave clients feeling. You’ve also got remember, only a quarter of people using the internet are English-speakers, this means, by not reaching out to that other 75%, you’re not only missing out on custom, but you’re also potentially disrespecting a powerful source of revenue for your company. I think some cultures more than others might take a dim view on companies providing a lazy estimation of their mother tongue, but you can’t really make a judgement call on that, and it pays in the end to simply treat all languages with the same due respect and diligence.

Many thanks to Brightlines Translation, who provided us with this interview to really understand why going professional when using translation services is so important for any business investing in training.

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