What is Mesh Railing Protection and Why Does My Business Need it?

A steel handrail or metal safety rail is only as good as its ability to prevent accidents. With some railings, the gaps between the railings and the crossbars may present something of a risk, either to personnel or objects – so it makes sense to restrict the size of the gaps while still allowing wind and water to pass through.

A railing owes much of its safety and durability to the ability to allow wind and rain to pass through harmlessly. This makes it much less likely to catch water, which could result in slips and falls, as well as making it largely immune to the effects of high winds, which have nothing against which to push. Following on from this, then, the protection used to close the gaps between the railings should not be solid plates – this would cancel out the advantages against the elements and prohibit airflow and visibility, as well as increasing weight and overall cost dramatically. Instead, a mesh railing protector is the best potential answer, with hardy metal mesh preventing anything or anyone from going between the railings.

Mesh Railing Protection

This increases the security of the railing even further, boosting safety and reducing the chance of anything getting between the railings. Even a dropped item can be a hazard if it falls between the railings and plummets down, so these mesh railing protectors aren’t just for protecting the people on the walkway – they are for protecting those below, too!

The railing mesh available from Guardrail Group includes welded stainless steel mesh which is particularly durable and resistant to corrosion, offering long-lasting protection for the public and your workforce, and a durable, hard-wearing barrier. Additionally, these welded mesh railing panels come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing them to be quickly connected to an existing handrail system, or can be made bespoke to suit your requirements and ensure a full suite of protection without disruption to your existing handrail system or the protection it provides.

This sort of turnkey service is essential in making sure that your safety standards are maintained while the work is conducted, making sure that you and your company are never vulnerable to an accident or lapse in standards, and providing both physical security and peace of mind at every stage of the installation.

If you are interested in mesh railing panels or a railing mesh installation, or you would like to discuss a quotation based on your unique needs and requirements, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Guardrail Engineering on their head office phone number, 01902871208 or visit their website, linked on this blog post. The Guardrail Group have decades of experience in the field of safety railings and installations, and will be able to help you reach a solution that perfectly fits your needs and requirements, making sure that you are able to provide the maximum security and safety for the most cost-efficient price.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with Guardrail Group today and upgrade your safety features today!

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