What’s on in Chester This Summer?

Cheshire is a county that’s rich in rolling, green countryside.It’s also rich in history, with the Romans having founded the county town, Chester, to use as a staging ground in their campaign against the northern tribes.When one also considers the ease through which the county can be accessed from the nearby cities of Liverpool and Manchester, it should perhaps come as no surprise that the county enjoys such a sizeable volume of tourist footfall.

 But Chester has more to offer than natural beauty and history; it’s also home to a wealth of contemporary culture, too.This summer, visitors and locals alike will be able to enjoy a raft of live music, cinema and art.Let’s take a look at some of what’s on.

What’s on in Chester This Summer

Outdoor Cinema

Chester is home to an open-air cinema event known as ‘Outdoor flicks’.This year, they’re displaying a raft of classic films on large screens throughout the city – along with some more modern ones, too.Among this year’s line-up are high-octane thrill-fests like Mad Max: Fury Road, along with more restrained modern classics like The Artist, and timeless films that get better with every viewing, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

If you’re looking for a way to relive a favourite film in an entirely different setting, or you’re looking to find something new, then open-air cinema offers the perfect way to do it.

Hans Goes Pop

Dirty Hans is a Liverpudlian artist specialising in contemporary urban art.His work includes images in the classic pop-art style, drawing from popular culture giving it a new twist.This year, he’ll be revealing an entirely new body of work, along with some favourites from his back catalogue.The event will come at a private viewing on the 29th of July, and take place at 41 Hoole Road.Numbers are very limited, and so those considering attending would be well-advised to reserve their place in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

The event will come complete with cocktails and a DJ set – so you can be sure that the night will be anything but drab!

John Piper

This summer, Chester will also be hosting the work of another famous contemporary artist, in the form of a screen print by legendary landscape and architecture painter, John Piper.This work draws together several elements, including a building inspired by nearby Eaton Hall, which is among the county’s most recognisable landmarks.

The work, ‘façade’ is set to be displayed in the Grosvenor Museum until the end of September, and should be considered a must-see by any art lover visiting the city this summer.

Outdoor Theatre

For those who prefer their entertainment to be a little livelier, there’s the open-air theatre at Grosvenor Park.Every year, the theatre plays host to a selection of carefully-chosen plays.This year, we’ve an adaptation of the classic children’s story Stig of the Dump, as well as a duo of Shakespearean Comedies: As You Like It and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

The open air is the setting for which Shakespeare wrote his plays, and so there’s no better way to enjoy his work.The two plays on offer are lesser-known, and not often performed; this therefore represents an ideal opportunity for thespians to expose themselves to the bard’s more obscure work.

Lego Exhibit

This summer, Chester is also playing host to an exhibit of an altogether more unusual nature.While Lego is a toy that has delighted children for decades, it’s also one that’s capable of being more than that.In this exhibit, hosted by Chester Cathedral, visitors will be able to enjoy spectacular Lego constructions of planes, trains, boats, cars and spaceships.Entry is just £3 for adults and £2 for children – and so there’s no reason to stay away from this spectacular exhibit – particularly if you’ve children to entertain.

Where Can I stay?

Cheshire is home to several high-quality hotels, but few are as feature-rich as Carden Park, near Chester, which boasts a duo of world-class golf courses, a spa, two restaurants, two bars and a swimming pool.For those planning to fit a few rounds of golf into their trip, there can be few more suitable venues.  It’s the perfect location for those planning a golf and spa break.

As well as being rich in amenities, the hotel is also ideally situated, boasting excellent transport links with Chester and the surrounding area.It’s therefore eminently suitable as a base of operations from which to launch trips to the various attractions throughout the county.

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