Why Your Business Really Needs a Corporate Video

With internet speeds growing and data consumption becoming cheaper, it is no wonder that video usage among people has been on a steady rise over the past years. And if you own a business, then it is time that you start using branded videos to promote your products and services. Below, we look at four ways how corporate videos can benefit your business in a big way.

Business Really Needs a Corporate Video

More Traffic

One of the easiest ways to get more traffic to your website is by using a corporate video. Rather than having to read a two-page long text, people would rather watch a two-minute video that gives them all the information they need. Plus, if the video has been created in a stylistic manner and the users find it very interesting, then they will share it on social media which will end up driving more traffic to your website. A recent reports highlights that about 40% of consumers who interact with brands on social media have done so by playing branded videos.

Emotional Impact

If you are selling a product or service that banks on getting an emotional response from the customer in order to sell well, then having a corporate video is absolutely necessary. Though it is true that text content can leave an impression in the minds of the reader, the emotional impact of a video will be far greater. The carefully crafted visuals and music will trigger an emotional response in the customer’s minds in ways no text content can ever match.

Transcend Language

When you want to get your message across to your potential customers without being limited by language considerations, then a video is the best way to do it. After all, there are hundreds of languages in the world. Catering to people speaking all these diverse languages can be impossible if you resort to text content alone. But by using videos, you can connect with these customers with the help of powerful music and stunning visuals, without even a single line being spoken in any language.

Better Explanation

Finally, a video offers a better way to explain certain information to people. For example, if you wish to tell people about how your company is structured, then it might take about a page to write about all the important positions in your company and the responsibilities attached to them. But with a video, you can quickly show an animated hierarchy of posts and the viewers will instantly understand what you are trying to explain.

So, get in touch with a good service that offers corporate videos Newcastle, and get them to create video content for your company. Use these videos in your digital marketing strategy and you will see a huge difference in website hits and response rates.

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