Why Your Patio Needs Teak Furniture

A lot of people worry over their outdoor furniture because it is left out to the elements. However, certain woods are quite capable of withstanding even harsh weather. In fact, teak, in particular, is considered an ideal wood choice for outdoor furniture. There are a few reasons why you should consider investing in some teak furniture for your patio. Read ahead to learn more.

Patio Needs Teak Furniture

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It’s Hardy

Teak furniture, compared to a lot of other woods, tends to last for decades, even outdoors. In fact, if you treat your furniture well, it can last even longer. This durable wood can actually withstand most weather conditions, even in the wettest climates, as it keeps out water. This is why teak tends to be used for furniture in tropical countries and those that see varying weather patterns. In fact, the Burmese consider teak to be royal.

It’s Easy to Maintain

After you’ve bought teak furniture, you really don’t need to do much to maintain it. This is one of the easiest woods to maintain outdoors. It only requires a bit of sandpapering if there is a little damage. It is important to note that if you keep outdoor teak furniture, it will change colour over time. This is the natural process, and it does not mean the wood is going bad. If you want to preserve the colour, all you need to do is apply a wood sealer once a year. Aside from that, the best way to preserve furniture of this kind of wood is to wash it with water and mild soap.

It’s Effective Against Water

Teak is hardwood that is naturally oily and waxy. This means that it is natural repellent of water. This is why tropical countries use a lot of teak for their furniture. Boats and ocean liners make use of teak for their construction too. The best part is that this wood does not easily get mouldy or mildew, so you can be sure that it will be safe when left to the elements.

It Does Not Hold Temperature

If you look at the furniture on beaches and on ships, you will notice that they are made of teak. This is not just because it’s a natural water repellent. Teak furniture does not easily hold temperature. It can be kept in the hot sun and will stay quite comfortable for the person sitting on it. Unlike most wooden, metal, and plastic furniture, teak does not get hot or burn when left out in the sun. It does not freeze easily in the winter months either. This makes teak the ideal outdoor wood for furniture.

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, there are plenty of other advantages of using teak for outdoor furniture. It is even considered an eco-friendly wood because of the benefits it affords and the length of its life. It is even resistant to most wood-based insects, so you can be sure your teak furniture will not be eaten up. Given these benefits, you should probably buy your patio a set made from teak. It will literally last you a lifetime.

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